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Submitted by ben on June 2, 2023
New Trend of CRM for HK Corporate / NGO - SRPM
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The pain points of some Corporate / NGOs to use an old system to store their users’ information.

Pain Points:

  1. Fragmented user data stored in different systems makes it difficult to locate and manage user information.

  2. Building and maintaining relationships with specific groups of members, such as families or corporate members, can be challenging due to a lack of centralized information.

  3. Tracking a user's path over time, including their status as a general member, volunteer, or patient/client, can be difficult when information is stored in different systems.

  4. Managing user cases, such as following up on details after a user becomes a patient/client, can be challenging without a centralized system for case management.


  • To address these pain points, we recommend using i2-SRPM (Stakeholder Relationship & Performance Management) Solutions, which is a powerful eCRM solution that offers the following features:

  • SRPM involves managing relationships with all stakeholders in a business or organization to create value and measure success based on their satisfaction.

  • Building positive and mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, and shareholders.

  • The foundation of i2-SRPM is built upon SRPM-CRM, a robust CRM solution that offers various tools for handling contacts, donations, events, memberships, and other functions.

  • i2-SRPM's open-source architecture, adaptable features, and dedicated user community make it a favoured choice for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and community-basedgroups seeking to manage stakeholder relationships and measure performance.

  • i2-SRPM provides an efficient and customizable CRM solution for organizations seeking to manage stakeholder relationships and measure performance.

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In summary, i2-SRPM can help organizations overcome data management pain points by providing a central location for managing stakeholder relationships, including user data, and measuring performance. Its robust CRM tools and open-source architecture make it an efficient and customizable solution for organizations of all sizes, including small businesses, non-profits, and community-based groups.


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