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e123 Brain Training Game

For this project「智有腦」健腦遊戲系統, we have corporated with The Hong Kong Society for the Aged and The Hong Kong Jockey Club, to develop 25 brain training games in 5 domains, which are memory, calculation, judgment, problem-solving, and cooperation. End users could either register as e123 members to play or just play as a guest.

To enhance the fun and localization of the project, we specially design 5 unique characters with their outstanding packages to match different domains. Game players could earn coins from games, they can purchase the character accessories from the game shop.

Through the backend, admin users could have different ways to interact with end-users, such as game task assignments, updating the latest news, or managing the game records for the users. The data could be transferred in spider charts, table views, or exported for research usage.

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