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Brain Training Games
Physical Training Games
A.I. Counseling
Speech Training


Membership System
Therapists / Trainer system
Scoring System
Reporting System


Frontend Design and development
Support and Maintenance


Brain Training Games

It helps to provide more detail on brain and skills to prevent dementias for the elderly. This portal includes some brain training games which are designed by scholars and our designers. We designed the interface in Hong Kong theme and the game control is designed specially for the elderly.

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Virtual physical tele-rehabilitation

Our motion detect solution combined with our mobile application, the exercise prescription can be performed in games with ease and fun.

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A.I. Counseling

Our A.I. Chatbot will extend your service to 24/7 and make it more privacy besides, we can provide hybrid human + A.I. conversation system then let you easy manage the conversation


Speech Training

Our Cantonese ASR – Automatic Speech Recognition as a tool for assessment or therapy of voice, speech, and language disorders.

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Monitoring and Analyst Report

Our monitoring and report system is designed for professional data analyst. Your can view your information in real-time in our system via graphs, pie charts, and bar charts, or simply save and send periodic reports with mouse-clicks.

Monitoring User's Behaviour

Assign Tasks

Therapists / training can assign tasks to their patients

User Behaviour

User behaviour throughout the research period will be stored in the system


Both user and client can view and monitor the progress

Data Export

All data collected can be converted to excel format in CMS