Research Management System Catered To Your Needs

A comprehensive and easy-to-use system customised for research purposes

Surveys & Assessments

Time-framed surveys and assessments can be assigned to users

Setting A Goal

Goals can be set for different periods

Behavior Tracking

User behaviour are stored in the system

Surveys & Assessments

Our Research Tool serves as a comprehensive platform to collect data throughout a research period. Surveys and Assessments are assigned to users in different time periods to collect their mental status in the research period.



questionnaires collected partially/fully

Scheduled Assessments

Assessments scheduled within a set period of time

Optional Tests

Users can choose to partake in mental status tests any time
e-training system survey report

Setting A Goal

Users can set their own goals and create a self-monitoring system in the mobile app. All goal submissions will be stored in the system which can be reviewed in the CMS by the client. The client can gain an insight through reviewing goals set by the users.

Progress & Monitoring

Once a goal is set, all events and records will be stored. Users can check their progress at any time. The client also have access to the data, allowing them to monitor the users throughout the period, collecting relevant data for research purposes.

Monitoring User's Behaviour


Both user and client can view and monitor the progress

User Behaviour

User behaviour throughout the research period will be stored in the system

Survey Results

Survey results can help the client determine users' mental status

Data Export

All data collected can be converted to excel format in CMS