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e-Training System

E-Training System - Management Training Made Easy

E-Training System -
Training Management Made Easy


A Comprehensive System Can Facilitate Training In Your Organisation

Well-Structured Design

Tiered design in a comprehensive training system

User & Data Management

Flexible user management
Simple and efficient data management and work flow by different user tiers


Records & reports can be generated on different training programmes

System Hierarchy

Our comprehensive Training System serves as a platform where different accessibility levels are assigned to different user tiers, allowing easy access and management.


To manage the entire system and user information


Supervise all trainers and trainees and collect corresponding data


Supervise all assigned trainees


Enroll in training programmes assigned by their respective trainer

User Management

Accessibility for user management is assigned to different user tiers (except for Trainee): Administration can create different centres while each centre can create their own training staff (Trainers). Trainers can assign their own trainees for different training purposes. Once a trainer resign, the centre will dissolve their account and transfer all corresponding trainees to another trainer by 1-click.

Training Materials

Different e-training programs can be assigned to each individual trainee with our management system. Once a program is assigned, the Trainee can log in and enroll.

Report And Analysis

For The Trainee

Trainees can view their own training progress and report

For The Trainer

Review their trainees' progress and identify their performance


Gain a full picture of the overall progress from the data collected


Manage data collected from all centres for analysis

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