Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption

A Mobile App for ICAC to Communicate with The General Public

Revamped as an interactive tool to promote anti-corruption practices


The goal of this project is to simplify and upgrade the ICAC mobile application to ICAC App 2.0. With the aim to attract more users, the functionality of the app was improved and new elements were added to the application. i2 reconstructured the application to allow users to receive latest information on ICAC's practices.


Interactive Elements

i2 revamped the application to include more interactive elements such as: Knowledge Zone, Q & A Games, Online Voting, etc. The content is categorised into different zones for easy access.

The Power of Social Media

Making use of the power of social platforms, the revamped application allow users to share contents onto their social media. They can also 'like' and bookmark contents for future reference.

Enjoy Special Features

Members-only special contents and features such as Q & A games and voting are made available to attract more member registration. Members can also sign up for event tickets and redeem gifts by earning points through participating in various activities.

Transforming Traditional Tools

The client is able to stay connected with the public through e-tools such as online surveys. Q & A sections within the application can test the public's knowledge on anti-corruption practices. The information collected by these tools can help the client improve the application.

An Efficient Platform

A user-friendly and efficient back end system allows the client to easily manage the general content and feedback collected from the public. All content is shown in a list which can be filtered and edited by the admin.