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CSRP Helppiness

The University of Hong Kong

Location-Based Mobile App For Longitudinal Study

CSRP Location-Based Mobile App

An E-Platform To Bring People Together And Encourage Them To Help Each Other

Project Background

The aim of this project is to develop a mobile application for “A longitudinal study on altruism and well-being in Hong Kong”, a research conducted by the HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (CSRP) of the University of Hong Kong. It aims to investigate the relationship between altruistic behaviour and subjective well-being, as well as developing effective methods to motivate the general public to promote the welfare of those in need. i2 developed “Helppiness”, which integrates interactive elements in order to facilitate users in participating in activities such as donation and voluntary work.



Feature Highlights

Besides acting as a research tool, i2 made the application more user-friendly and interactive by keeping users informed of different helping events happening around HK.

Using "Location Detection", the application encourages people to participate in helping by listing out nearby events, bringing people together.

Helping info can be filtered by categories and locations. A user-friendly filtering system help users obtain helping info which are relevant to them. Grid and Map view can be selected during filtering which help users locate info and events.

Survey and weekly assessments are assigned each user in order to collect their helping behavior throughout the application usage. All submission records are stored in our database for research purposes, so our client can further study and improve our city and its people.

"Google Analytics" is integrated into the application which gives the client easy access to data on general impression and user behaviour. Other custom-made tracking systems for specific areas were built to provide the client with a full picture of user interaction.

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