The Hong Kong Society for the Aged

Recruitment System for The Silver Hair Market

User-friendly system to encourage elderly employment


“e72” is a career portal of The Hong Kong Society for the Aged (SAGE) developed by i2. The portal brings together NGO recruiters and silver-hair users seeking employment. We developed a platform where users can apply for job vacancies, as well as receive career information and latest news on various events and job openings.


Bring Together Employers And Job-Seekers

The system allows employers to post job recruitment ads. Users seeking employment can access the database and apply for jobs using our filter system. Their resume will be sent to potential employers via email.

Matching Suitable Jobs With Job-Seekers

Job-seekers can set their job preference with different criteria. With the users' permission, the system will filter and send relevant job offers to them via email daily. This allows the job-seeking process to be more efficient.

Web Accessibility For All

Making websites accessible to users with disabilities and special needs is crucial and will help promote a positive corporate image. The website developed by i2 is in conformance with level AA of Web Content Accessibility.

A Career Platform

The portal simplifies the recruitment process by providing a platform where employers can post vacancies and job-seekers can apply. All postings and applications can be done on one platform and all data is stored on CMS.

Keeping Up With The Time

All postings and applications stored in the system allow the client to generate information on the elderly sector. This is a crucial tool in helping the organisation improve their services in order to keep up with the times, especially in the elderly job market.