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The Hong Kong Society for the Aged

Seniors And Technology- Embracing The Digital Age Inclusion

e123 portal

Increasing Tech-Savvy Seniors

Project Background

Our client The Hong Kong Society for the Aged (SAGE) pioneered the online portal e123 allows senior citizens to keep up with technology including websites and mobile apps. I2 is being assigned for the e123 website revamp and mobile app development is driven by a senior citizen perspective. Both website and mobile app are received Gold Award at Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2018-2019 as well as level AA of Web Content Accessibility.

From elderly homes to health tips, e123 explores every aspect of senior life. But what makes seniors really stand out is its interactivity, offering a participatory forum eCenter as well as the membership engagement programs to encourage seniors to jump on the technology bandwagon.


OGCIO Web Accessibility 2020-2021

OGCIO Web Accessibility 2020-2021

Gold Award

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OGCIO Web Accessibility 2020-2021

OGCIO Web Accessibility 2020-2021

Gold Award Mobile App

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Feature Highlights

Catering to seniors and their caregivers, this site covers topics from elderly home to health tips, up-to-date news, community events, interest classes, medical conditions, financial assistance, volunteer, job hunting, travel, and healthy recipes that shape e123 as a one-stop senior resources website.

If seniors want to share a passion with other seniors, chances are being found at eCenter. Seniors can share their posts and at some communities like pets, leisure, travel, etc. on this wide-ranging platform. Like, comment, share, and bookmark functions are available to enhance interactivity that help seniors stay in touch with friends so as to expand their social circles. Notification functions are embedded to deliver an instant update to use.

12 categories of article topic bridges with corresponding communities at eCenter in a way to tie up with an interesting topic on information and discussion platforms. Topics are to be shown based on users’ likes and joined communities that deliver customization.

Several ways to earn bonus points say to do member registration, likes, sharing, commenting on information and discussion platforms, turning up to events and filling up questionnaires, etc. which create greater connectivity. Gift redemption, selection, and bonus point earning and deduction records could be reviewed at my profile that giving users a clear picture of bonus point usage.

Chatbot invites users to ask questions about elderly home-related matters that served an instant answer service 24 hours on getting elderly home details and application procedures. Apart from minimizing FAQ demand, user’s questions would be recorded as an evaluation of gaining a deeper understanding of the user.

Event onsite check-in provides a wonderful event experience for both attendees and organizers. Activate the event check-in web portal to scan the QR code of attendees, next step user will see a confirmation page and a corresponding bonus point would be added. This portal enables organizers to create events by accessing Drupal CMS also.

Making websites & apps accessible to users with disabilities and special needs is crucial and will help promote a positive corporate image. The website & apps developed by i2 are in conformance with Level AA of Web Content Accessibility.

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