Our work touches different range of industries and parties in both global perspective and local experience, for instance, from SME to Global Companies, Universities, NGO organization and Government departments for Hong Kong & China Region. To provide professional digital website/mobile app design and development solutions to our clients, our team members come from different disciplines and backgrounds, so as to make our service diversified. In addition, both Hong Kong and China office adopt the same management system. By communication between Hong Kong and China offices, the service quality can be kept and improved. It is also beneficial to the clients who want to expand their business to the market in China, which we can help and advice on their business development.


Design & Creative

Creatives congregate user needs and business strategy together as to provide a well-defined deliverable web/app application systems for clients. Our creative team works specifically for clients’ needs, so as to provide tailor-made UX solutions to the clients which meet their requirements and establish a good brand image.

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Project Management

Our professional project management team are always working closely with clients to understand their needs and business requirements on web/app design and development. Project Managers are the lead of the team, who are responsible to monitor the whole process of project, ensuring derivable are in high quality and on schedule.

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Technology Development

Our technologist analysis what is possible and implement with creative concepts for program production, from front-end to back-end in different language and web/app platforms. With a long-term experience, our technologists are confidence in providing different range of digital solutions for meeting with client’s needs and concepts.

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